Town Dock

Belhaven Town Dock at the Wynne's Gut

Transient slips at Belhaven Town docks at the Wynne's Gut location on Pantego Creek are now of $1.00 per foot, per night with a maximum stay of three nights. Electrical is $5.00 for a single 30 amp hook up and water is available. Registration is required upon arrival. Dockage is along side and the controlling depth is 6 feet. The docks are located just 100 yards past the green number 9 day marker and on the North shore in Wynne's Gut.

Belhaven Town free docks are at the Cooperage landing on Pantego Creek just past the red number 12 day marker and 100 yards to the North shore. This site has newly constructed fixed docks with slips having finger piers and pilings, no water or electrical service Located five blocks from the center of town and 3/4 mile to the Food Lion on the 264 bypass. Controlling depth is 7 feet. The docks are available on a first come first serve basis with a maximum stay of 72 hours.

The Town Dock. Upon Arrival Please Call Harbor Master to check in at the Town Dock. Gregg Baker, (252) 944-0066 Thank you and welcome to Belhaven, NC!