Our Values


The Belhaven Police Department will provide an honest and open approach to community needs free from conflict of interest, impropriety, or anything less than the fair and equitable treatment of all citizens.


Law enforcement is a dangerous business which, at times, demands its practitioners go "...where angels fear to tread." The Officers of the Belhaven Police Department will confront dangerous and demanding situations head-on, realizing that the law abiding citizens require and respect these acts.


The Belhaven Police Department is committed to delivering a high standard of professional police services. To meet this standard, department personnel will be proactive life-long learners. This agency will not rest and rely on knowledge of the past.


The Belhaven Police Department believes that the fair, impartial, and consistent application and enforcement of city and state laws is the best way to serve the common good. The key question asked being - is the violation clear-cut and substantial?