Child Protection Program

The Belhaven Police Department now offers a free program to help parents better protect their children. The program involves department personnel fingerprinting and photographing children. Once gathered these records are given to the parents for safe-keeping.

As an added bonus the Belhaven Police Department is now offering a free bicycle registration program. To participate in this program simply bring your bicycles to the police department. Department personnel will record the serial number of the bicycle and affix a sticker which will warn would-be thieves of the bike's registration and of prosecution if stolen!

R-U-OK Program

Are you (or your loved ones) OK? The Belhaven Police Department offers a program designed to check the welfare of citizens who might need daily contact to ensure they are "OK". Participants are usually senior citizens requiring specific physical or medical needs who live alone.

The Belhaven Police Department's "RUOK" program involves people calling people. The program works by having BPD personnel contact participants by telephone on a daily basis. Ours is not a computerized system. The brief conversation that ensues allows the caller to determine if participants are OK.

Anyone interested in becoming a participant should contact the Belhaven Police Department at (252) 943-2242 to enroll.

Residential Security Check

Going on vacation? The Belhaven Police Department would be happy to check your residence in your absence. Simply call the Police Department, answer a few questions, and enjoy your vacation. A similar program is available to those owning vacation homes in town. Again, simply call the Police Department for further information.